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We have a fairly extensive and in-depth process for reviewing and recommending various titles. While on the search for the best high roller slot South Africa has, we’ve found plenty of great titles using this process. Our reviewers use the following criteria as the main indicators of how good a particular title will be. You must be curious about them. Don’t worry, we’ll explain each aspect of a game and why they are important. Once you get a good idea, you’ll be able to decide the best ones on your own.

TOP-3 Casinos to Play High Roller Slots


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How to play High Roller Slots?

The gameplay of high roller titles is fundamentally the same as normal ones. You place your bet, then make a spin. 

There are both 3-reel and 5-reel titles for VIP players. In fact, you can find every genre of slots under the umbrella of ‘high stakes’ games. This includes Jackpot Slots, Progressive Jackpots, Cascading Reels or Cluster-Pays games as well.

The main difference from typical slots is the bet and payout amounts. As you can tell, VIPs work with much bigger sums of money than average players. Most normal titles have a maximum stake of $50 or so. That is simply too low for a VIP player. It’s also not possible for an operator or software developer to simply increase the maximum bet of a game on the fly. That’s because each game is designed with the betting range in mind.

So, to accommodate VIP players, the game has to be designed from the ground up to have a much higher betting range than normal. A maximum bet of $100 is a good start, but going all the way up to $500 might be an even better idea!

Did you know you can play these games for free as well? The easiest way to try them out is to use the Demo. If you’re looking to make some real money while playing, then you may be able to use some free spins and cash rewards from a bonus offer.

To find and play High Roller Slots, you can try searching and filtering. Most casinos won’t have strong filtering options, but in case they do, go ahead and make full use of them. If you can filter out games with a high betting range or high volatility, plus great payouts, then you’ll find some good titles to play easily.

Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on reviewers. There are many sites out there where you can find reviews and recommendations for the top free high roller slots, including this one! You can visit them to find out the latest and greatest releases, as well as which casinos offer them.

How to choose the best high roller slots?

Without further ado, here they are:

Gameplay Features and Bonuses 

The most important factor comes first. Ultimately, a slots game is still a game. The gameplay is therefore key. This also includes things such as various bonuses and features. An exciting slots title has many of these features that activate on a regular basis. It can be really fun to get a scatter bonus or a bunch of free spins every few minutes. The more bombastic these features are, the more fun the whole thing is!

Theme, Design and Immersion 

The best way to make someone enjoy a particular title is to help them forget that it’s just a game. Therefore, immersion is an extremely strong factor. 

To ensure this, it must have a good theme, plus things such as crisp and high-quality graphics, sleek animations that don’t lag and fit the theme, as well as a great background soundtrack that goes with the theme but also pumps you up with energy! We rate the combination of all these factors.

Return-to-Player and Volatility 

The secondary reason for playing casino titles is to make some money. This is where the Return to Player (RTP) comes in. It indicates how much money you can expect to make by playing it. For example, if the return to player is 96%, then for every $100 you wager, you’ll get $96 back. The $4 will be taken as the house edge. 

In order to beat the house, you can activate bonuses and, with a bit of luck, go above your starting amount before deciding to cash out with a profit!

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